Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre was established in 2006. It is an independent local research center, which aims to investigate the long-term competitiveness of Hong Kong and the issues on social welfare. Through political review and criticism on social issues, the center hopes to analyze the long-term development of Hong Kong and to make strategic and forward-planning political recommendations.

Hong Kong United Youth Association

The Hong Kong United Youth Association was established on 4 August 1992. Its core members are the representatives from the All-China Youth Federation and the Youth Federation of different provincial cities, the young talents in Hong Kong, and leaders in from youth associations or academic institutions. The association aims to connect the youth associations in Hong Kong and to build up an interactive platform to provide activities to youngsters from all walks of life in Hong Kong, and to contribute to the future development of Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong Sustainable Development Research Institute (“HKSDRI”)

Hong Kong Sustainable Development Research Institute, a policy lobbyist and research institute, provides analysis and consultations on topics related to six main local issues in Hong Kong, including sustainable development of silver hair industry, municipal solid waste management, sports development, constitutional development and public administration. Through non-biased analysis and research studies, HKSDRI aims at arousing public interests in “development of silver industry”, “housing and landscape planning”, “culture and sports”, “middle-class economy” and “politics and public administration” in order to promote the concept of sustainability.