Gather talent excellence, Originate good governance

Throughout history of China, nearly no country of peace and stability was achieved without the cooperation between monarch and talents. From the great wisdom of traditional Chinese culture, the knowledge of “govern the country and stabilize the region” is highly respected. Excellent governance is being well-performed by a selected group of elites who is superior in terms of ability and mentality. All open-minded emperors were eager for elites and recruited them to assist in governing the country. With the support of political wisdom from elites, governance system has been improved from one dynasty to another. Also, the objectives of governance were clearly set out in every great dynasty. All the past systems were implemented and progressed according to the situation in that period, or else the systems would fail.

Therefore, under the current situation, we urge to find and coach talents with strength in “Observation”, “Presentation” and “Execution”. With appropriate training, it will help to nurture the professionals on governing Hong Kong. The motto “achieve good governance with talents” means proper governance starts from manpower training, as elites are the origins of performing good governance.