Good governance is the key to corporate success and the importance of good governance is to enhance its accountability. The formation of leadership team of the HKSAR government is to balance the needs required from internal and external parties, and to cooperate with them accordingly. In order to have effective implementation of duties and to enhance the power of governance, it is essential to set out the behavioral standards, risk management and external communications strategies, and to establish the credibility of governance by recognition and trust from the society.

However, most of the political people nowadays are trained under the bureaucratic system and hardly ever grasp the whole picture of business operation and corporate management. As a result, without a big picture, people in politics and government nowadays simply work on their own duties and rarely considering the genuine needs of our citizens.

For this reason, the establishment of HKIPG is to enrich the mentality of tutees who are willing to involve in politics. The institute makes references to the style of Matsushita in training the political talents, which focuses on self-learning. It also combines the knowledge of traditional value of China in leading the country to train up the talents for handing sensitive political issues. This can help to overcome the weakness in current team of civil servants, and to enhance the effectiveness of governance of the HKSAR Government in the long run.