HKIPG was established in year 2016. Our first political and governance course programme was initiated in January 2017, and was ended smoothly in June 2017 with a graduation ceremony. Participants are being recruited from wide political spectrum, and our institute is intended to train up a pool of elites for the Government and commercial sectors in Hong Kong through the mastery of “Observation”, “Presentation” and “Execution”. Our integrated course programme includes 5 major components, which are political system, economy, legal, social welfare and new social media. We hope participants can enhance their skills in governance and politics at all-rounded aspects. By putting governance and politics into practice, there are four modules delivered in the programme. Apart from the theory-based learning, we also got knowledge sharing session, case study – interactive session, and luncheon meeting.

Theory-based learning

Guest speakers from government body and commercial sector were being invited to deliver their perceptions based on the theory of politics and governance. To provide a solid foundation for participants, concrete theories of political science and other relevant topics are being introduced by political leaders, field experts, and senior executives. Course participants are expected to strengthen their “Observation” skills through theory-based learning.

Knowledge sharing session

By understanding the actual situation of our city, guest speakers, typically veteran political leaders, are invited to share their insights on both conditions of Hong Kong and China, and a wide range of policy areas with our participants. Course participants are required to implement their practical concepts in real dialogues with our guest speakers.

Case study – Interactive session

This interactive session provides opportunities for course participants to apply what they have learnt from the theory-based learning and knowledge sharing session into practice. With the knowledge in foundational political philosophy and theories, course participants are required to show their analytical, “Presentation” and “Execution” skills by reviewing and examining various critical issues and challenges in governance, politics, and policy making of the Hong Kong SAR.

A series of interactive workshops organizes each year is subject to change.

Luncheon meeting

A platform for guest speakers and course participants from different political spectrum to develop networking abilities.

A combination of theory and practice is arranged by HKIPG, which ensures participants are well-equipped with knowledge, soft skills and network required for tackling challenges in the ever-changing political world.

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Admission Criteria

  • The applicant should be aged from 25 to 40.
  • The young people should have tertiary education or above, and prepare to have contributions on politics and corporate management.
  • Priority will be given to those who have participated in work relating to politics, commercial, legal or social media.

For interested parties, please email to for further information.