The Hong Kong Institute for Politics and Governance (“HKIPG”) is founded in 2016, during the time of 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s reunification with the Motherland China. To a certain extent, it is currently a critical moment full of political crisis, endless political debates and shortage of political elites with adequate training in the society. Looking ahead to our future in 2047, HKIPG intends to train up a pool of elites for the Government and commercial sectors in Hong Kong, and to provide training to professionals under the effective implementation of “One Country, Two Systems” principle as well as the Basic Law of Hong Kong.

Throughout the mastery of “Observation”, “Presentation”, and “Execution”, HKIPG has got a mission to build up manpower resources of political and business professionals to our community. In order to build a sustainable, prosperous and harmonic society with the concept of “stand on our own land, and gain a global view”, our institute mainly focuses on the coaching of political elites, systematic implementation and training of future political leaders of the Hong Kong Government. HKIPG is going to invite accomplished members from various political parties, former government officials and business specialists to be the committee members, consultants and tutors. They will share their experiences and provide advices to our tutees on the perspectives of politics, economy, legal, social welfare and digital media.

In addition, HKIPG has maintained close ties with renowned political institutes and organizations from our Mainland China and overseas to jointly arrange a variety of training courses to broaden tutees’ mindset. Through academic seminars and sharing sessions, our tutees will be enriched their knowledge provided by our speakers/ guests and well-equipped themselves for future challenges of the ever-changing political world.